Dr. Mary Kolb, DVM - The Animal Clinic of St PetersburgAs many of you know I had a baby at the end of March. What you all may not know is that the baby has come to work with me at the Animal Clinic since she was a month old. The odd noises coming from our treatment area are actually the sounds of my six month old exercising her ability to communicate. She generally gets fussy right before falling asleep, also when she can’t see the surgery table and when someone takes away something she’s grabbed but cannot play with, like syringes.

When I first interviewed at The Animal Clinic of St. Petersburg, I was very clear that I was right in the middle of my family growing years and that as much as I loved being a veterinarian, it was also very important for me to be a mom. Luckily I had come to the right place. Libby made it absolutely clear that not only was she amenable to flexible hours, but she was also perfectly okay with me bringing my daughter and subsequent children to the Animal Clinic. In fact, her own daughter Sarah, who is now one of our fabulous Animal Clinic employees, grew up at this office when Dr. Burroughs captained the ship and is now our animal massage therapist.

Growing up in a veterinary clinic generates humans who are very in-tune with the animal world, but I do apologize for Juliana’s little outbursts as sometimes they are quite loud and some of your pets have gotten quite concerned about her.

Thank you all for your fabulous shows of support. We here at the Animal Clinic of St. Petersburg certainly hope you appreciate the familial nature of our Animal Clinic. We certainly feel that our patients and thereby you, their humans, are a part of our larger family and that, more often than not, it takes a village to raise a child. Your support and understanding in this matter makes that possible.

I especially thank you,
🙂 Mary