Proud of Mary!

Dr. Mary Kolb has been with us at the The Animal Clinic for one year now, and we couldn’t be happier! She has been wonderful for our clinic family, keeping us all smiling! Mary has been a great fit, as she has many of the same realistic thinking patterns as Dr Burroughs, which the many faithful clients love. The reason people came to see Dr Burroughs seems to be flowing flawlessly into Dr. Mary. She is very grounded, not expecting clients to be pressured into exorbitant diagnostics and treatments. Her “no nonsense” approach to veterinary medicine is exactly what the doctor ordered.

In addition to being a great vet her at The Animal Clinic in St Pete, she keeps us constantly giggling at her goofiness. Her “Mary-isms” are so refreshing; we all are using silly words and phrases such as “snarky”, “slurp it down”, “wonky”, and “snarfle “. Mary, who prefers to be called just that, has been a breath of fresh air here. We all love her, and hope she will continue with us while her family grows, both at home and here at The Animal Clinic.