Just kidding! Didn’t mean to scare anyone. Don’t worry, Dr Burroughs isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. He’s still here Mondays and Thursdays seeing patients, telling stories and sharing his wisdom. We can’t actually ever see him really retiring.

There are a number of new changes to our animal hospital however, including things like this blog, the biggest of course being me. I’m the new veterinarian replacing Dr Griener as she’s gone on to gain new experiences. We will still see her once in a while, so if you want to let her know you miss her, just pass a message along to Libby or Chrissy the next time you are in the office.

As far as our changes go, Libby, in all her wisdom, suggested a blog to add to our internet footprint and update our clients on various things. Each one of our team members are going to try to contribute a posting as often as we feel inspired so keep an eye out. I know Libby is planning on writing about chickens, Chrissy has some really cool video footage of herself flying a fighter jet and she’s tech savy enough to actually figure out how to post it. We are all gonna push Dr Burroughsto put his stories into writing, though if he won’t, Libby thinks she knows his stories well enough to write them herself.

So back to the biggest change in The Animal Clinic, me :). I, as you already know from reading my bio, am a 2011 Cornell graduate, so I’m not new to veterinary medicine, just to this animal hospital. I actually used to be a primarily equine veterinarian and am totally a horse nut. Yes it’s true horse people are all totally insane, I’m a prime example. The thing is, about 9 months ago I had a baby girl and as you all know babies ensure that no one gets any sleep, so sure enough working as a horse vet is nearly totally impossible (trust me I know several crazy vets who have done it) cause horses almost always try to kill themselves at 3 am. Although I’ve seen a lot of 3 ams lately, it’s primarily feeding a hungry little girl and not actually sewing up lacerations or tubing colics. Anyway, here I am. I’m sure I’ll tell you a thousand more equine vet stories in later blog posts or in the office if you’d like.

Dr Burroughs was introducing me to Jeff and Shelly next door at Kellogg’s kennel (nicest people ever and a great kennel if you didn’t know), and Dr Burroughs said “she’s just like me” to which Jeff replied “she talks a lot?” I laughed cause it’s totally true, but Dr Burroughs scoffed and said he meant medically cause apparently he doesn’t realize how he chatty he really is.

Actually though, he’s not wrong, he and I do think very similarly medically speaking. I tend to be an old school vet in a new school package, that being said I’ve definitely had a new school education but tend to gravitate toward the least invasive options first.

So let me know when you come in if you would rather see Dr Burroughs, I promise won’t be insulted. However if you’ve got a dog or a cat with a medical issue when Dr Burroughs isn’t in (cause he really is semi retired) don’t be too afraid to see me. I promise he and I have had some great consultations and already had a number of learning from each others experiences.

Though I have only been at The Animal Clinic for a couple weeks it already feels like home to me. As you all already know, Dr Burroughs, Libby and Chrissy are an amazing team. They are probably the easiest people to work with and have certainly made my transition from a mixed animal, primarily equine vet to a small animal guru as easy as possible.

So anyway look out for further blogs, and keep your pets healthy and if you do have to come see us at The Animal Clinic, say hello because seriously, I have been so impressed by all of the clients I have met so far and cannot wait to meet more of you and your dogs and cats.